While I take an integrative, bodymind approach to psychotherapy, I utilize standard approaches and more holistic ones such as mindfulness training, hypnosis, and somatic work. My approach helps my clients change, learn and grow personally, spiritually and relationally.

My clinical training experience included working with psychiatric and neurological patients in inpatient and community-based settings. Early on, as a behavior analyst, I developed interventions for children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and autism. As an intern in psychiatric rehabilitation, I counseled women during pregnancy and with post-partum mood disorders. For a few years, I worked in neuropsychology administering psychometric test batteries and did research in neurology.

I developed other interests outside of traditional academic pursuits.  My writing has been presented at regional, national and international professional conferences on subjects including body psychotherapy, neuroscience, mindfulness and trauma. I may use yoga and meditative perspectives in psychotherapy for those who want to integrate spirituality into their healing process and deep personal transformation. Presently, I am into reading about the healing process in indigenous cultures and formally study interpersonal neurobiology. The culmination of all these experiences led to the kind of work I do as a more holistic practitioner.

Somatic psychotherapy and integrative trauma treatment are now specialty areas of mine. I see individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress related to motor vehicle accidents and relational/attachment trauma. In my private practice, I tend to see mainly adults suffering from early developmental trauma and chronic stress conditions.

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